Management Systems Intelligent Control System for Managing your Keys

Electronic Key Management System That Provides Risk-free Control

HARTMANN TRESORE's Key Management System offers customized and perfect key control for knowing exactly who is using the keys and for how long. Our IQ cabinets and safes are designed to store keys safely and only accessible to authorized users. Access can be programmed via pin code, RFID card or biometric identification. Some of the advantages of our key control cabinet include managing keys in several buildings from a central office, invokes alerts via email in case of missing or overdue keys, helps in reducing costs, easily expandable, used not only for keys but also for tools, mobile phones, laptops and other value items.

Key Management Systems - IQ Series

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Cabinet Types
Thin wall Cabinet
Key and Box Cabinet
Storage Cabinet
Safe certifications
SS3492 (Swedish Standard),
EN 14450 Standard, “S1” qualification
Storage capacity
Lowest capacity is 1 box or 10 keys
Highest capacity is 200 boxes or 400 keys
Cabinet doors
With/without door (right sided, left sided)
Transparent plastic door
Full metal door
Computer module
Industrial PC, Intel Atom 1.6 GHz, Built-in SSD/HDD
and external memory for backup, 2GB RAM,
8.9” Touch-screen TFT, 2 Ethernet interfaces, RS232,
USB, Windows Embedded operating system.
Card reader
USB or RS232
Mifare 13.56 MHz
EM 125 KHz
Fingerprint reader (optional)
USB or RS232
Key holder
CleverKey (keyholder with RFID-chip)
Number of keys and boxes
which the user is able to pick up or open within one login session
10 keys and/or 10 boxes
Remote management
WEB Interface Available
Network Mode
Cabinets synchronize data with each other
Local and Central database
Communication with External Systems
Interface is available for ERP integration
Based on XML and WEB service
Emergency open
Max. 10 keys in one time
Works using emergency key and button
Enable emergency from external input

Key Cabinets

Model Key Positions (Standard) Key Positions (Maximum Configuration)* Weight (in Kg) Dimensions
(H X W X D in mm)
HTME-KMS 10-10-KC 10 10 13 502 x 290 x 155
HTME-KMS 20-10-KC 10 20 25 575 x 782 x 140
HTME-KMS 20-20-KC 20 20 27 575 x 782 x 140
HTME-KMS 50-30-KC 30 50 28 575 x 782 x 140
HTME-KMS 50-40-KC 40 50 30 575 x 782 x 140
HTME-KMS 50-50-KC 50 50 32 575 x 782 x 140
HTME-KMS 100-60-KC 60 100 47 1075 x 782 x 140
HTME-KMS 200-110-KC 110 200 80 1075 x 1342 x 140
HTME-KMS 300-210-KC 210 300 120 1075 x 1902 x 140
HTME-KMS 400-310-KC 310 400 161 1075 x 2462 x 140
* Depending on the frame size, the key cabinets can be extended by further key modules up to their maximum capacity (except models HTME-KMS 10-10-KC and HTME-KMS 20-20-KC).

Deposit Box Cabinets

Model Deposit Boxes (Standard) Deposit Boxes (Maximum Configuration)* Weight (in Kg) Dimensions
(H X W X D in mm)
HTME-KMS 10-DBC 10 on Request 45 1075 x 782 x 200
HTME-KMS 20-DBC 20 on Request 55 1075 x 782 x 200
HTME-KMS 30-DBC 30 on Request 90 1075 x 1342 x 200
HTME-KMS 40-DBC 40 on Request 95 1075 x 1342 x 200
HTME-KMS 50-DBC 50 on Request 130 1075 x 1902 x 200
HTME-KMS 100-DBC 100 on Request 185 1075 x 2855 x 200
HTME-KMS 150-DBC 150 on Request 310 1075 x 4370 x 200

Key Safes

Model Key Positions (Standard) Key Positions (Maximum Configuration)* Weight (in Kg) Dimensions
(H X W X D in mm)
HTME-KMS 100-KSC 100 on Request 180 1500 x 600 x 550
HTME-KMS 200-KSC 200 on Request 215 1500 x 600 x 550
HTME-KMS 300-KSC 300 on Request 250 1500 x 600 x 550
HTME-KMS 400-KSC 400 on Request 285 1500 x 600 x 550

Get A Key Tracking System Customized As Per Your Needs

If you have unique requirements that cannot be fulfilled by standard key control cabinets, then you can easily have one custom-made by us. When you discuss your requirements with us, not only will our expert team suggest the best options as per your needs, we will also prepare customized key tracking systems that best match your requirements.

We Promise Seamless After Sales Support

With extensive experience to our credit, we are in the position to offer high quality products that match the highest international standards. For us, ensuring 100% client satisfaction is of utmost importance, which is why we guarantee elite level after sales support. Not only will we deliver the product to your doorstep, our expert team members will also install it at the desired location.

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