HARTMANN TRESORE AG is one of the leading providers of all types of safes and minibars, with branches throughout Europe as well as the Middle East.

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Mr. Ashok Kumar - Sales Manager

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Our products have all been tested and certified in accordance with the European norms and include safes of all sizes and levels of security for private and business use as well as special safes for various industry branches, such as hotel, automobile, public institutions and local branches. We also assist in planning individual security solution requests for special requirements.

Hotel industry

We specialize in in-room-safes and minibars for the hotel industry. Our product range includes:

  • reliable and user friendly in-room safes
  • environmental friendly minibars for a perfect guest experience
  • deposit box systems
  • deposit safes for safe cash management
  • burglar-proof and fire-proof back office safes
  • key cabinets

Home and business safes

We have the right safe for your home and office. Whether you have important business records, papers, certificates, documents, jewellery, cash or valuable collections for which you need a safe place, we offer you a vast variety of products to meet your individual needs. Our product range includes:

  • Burglar & fire-proof safes
  • Cabinets to store documents and protect data
  • Wall and furniture safes
  • Key safes
  • Gun safes
  • Lockers
  • Vaults
  • Filing cabinets
  • Data safes
  • Strong room doors to secure entire rooms or sections of buildings
  • Strong rooms

Signature Safes by HARTMANN

To our website www.signature-safes.com

Security and individuality are the hallmarks of the Signature Safes by HARTMANN, which we design and build in accordance to your individual wishes. You can choose every detail including the size, interior and exterior color, locking device, as well as the interior fittings, to name a few. Every safe is unique and will reflect your individual needs and character. 

Click here to view our Signature Safes by HARTMANN website for some inspiration.

For more information regarding our Signature Safes, please contact us:

E-mail: info@safes.ae
Tel. +971 4 380 8099

After-sales service

We offer both, safes and entire security packages, and furthermore give guidance on how to integrate your safe into your home security concept. Our expert team will take care of delivery, as well as professional installation and mounting of your safe. Our after-sales customer service is always available to answer your questions.

Made in Germany

You can trust a business that has a long tradition of craftsmanship. HARTMANN TRESORE was established more than 200 years ago in Germany as a blacksmiths and cartwright company. The company later specialized in safes, and in 1983 the present company HARTMANN TRESORE AG was set up with its head office in Germany.

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